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The single most important thing you can do to improve your golf game is to make sure your equipment fits you properly. The best opportunity to be fit is when you are purchasing new golf clubs. However, you can also have your current clubs analyzed to see if they are the proper fit. Not only can we order your new clubs, we can also adjust your current clubs on the spot!!

At the High Performance Golf Academy, we are using the latest in fitting technology to offer driver, irons, wedges, ball fittings and putter fittings to make sure our students have what they need to play to their potential. With the use of launch monitor technology like Foresight and Trackman we can see your swing in ways unseen by the naked eye or even high speed video.

Club Fitting Services


Full Bag Fitting (3 hours) – $250

Includes fitting for entire bag (except Sam Putt Lab Analysis) as well as a dynamic ball fitting. You will receive a special gift and access to special pricing.

A La Carte Fitting Services

  • Driver Fitting (1 hour) – $100
  • Iron Fitting (1 hour) – $100
  • Wedge Fitting (1 hour) – $100
  • Putter Fitting w/ Certified Sam Putt Lab Coach Tyrus York (45 min.) – $135 – Schedule Here
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Nick Wilkins

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