LPGA GIRLS GOLF day at HP Golf Academy (ages 7-17)

New Dates and Times Coming Soon!

Why should girls play golf? 

Because girls participating in sports are physically active and have greater levels of self-esteem and self-image.  They are associated with a lower prevalence of sexual risk-taking behaviors and are more satisfied with their weight (regardless of how much they weigh).  They are significantly less likely to have ever used illicit drugs.

NOW is the perfect time to enroll your favorite girl in LPGA Girls Golf, a fun-filled and dynamic program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced girls.  The year-round seasonal program is designed to empower and inspire girls on the golf course and in the classroom and as they pursue college and careers. The program provides them with the confidence and skills to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Programming is available in two skill categories:

Train-to-Play (TTP) Clinics are for new and beginning golfers who will benefit from instruction and supervised practice that is focused on the fundamentals of full-swing, chipping, putting, rules, etiquette and safety.  No previous experience is required.

Train-to-Compete (TTC) Supervised Practice Sessions are for intermediate and advanced golfers who are preparing for and optimizing their games for golf competitions.