• 2011, 2012, and 2015 Kentucky Section PGA Teacher of the Year
  • Currently teaches 28 college players
  • Currently teaches 5 mini tour players
  • Has taught over 17,000 lessons
  • Has conducted over 1,500 club fittings
  • PGA Class A member

Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy is very direct. I believe in a very fundamental heavy approach while finding out what the student can do physically and mentally. “I will form a plan that will ensure success if the student follows the plan.”

What amount of time or dedication can the student make?

Why does the student want to change?

Who should take lessons at the Larry Ward High Performance Golf academy? Anyone who has true passion to improve. “We want to be part of your team.”

Basic Formula = TPPM

  • Technical Training
  • Physical Training
  • Proper Equipment
  • Mental Training/Goal Setting

Technique can be debated, club fitting can be debated, mental thoughts can be debated, but all great athletes have had great coaching. Coaching is caring.
“You will know that we care about your game. We will prove that! We coach people. not teach golf to people.”


Service Pricing Description
Private Instruction $150 adult, $120 junior Taught on the hour (45-minute lesson)
Full Day $500 3 hours (range, lunch, 18 holes) all inclusive

Larry’s Lesson Packages

The following lesson packages are designed for serious golfers that are serious about getting better.

The units in all packages will cover all elements of the academy. One unit is a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of 55 minutes. It may be necessary to use 4-5 units in a single day or 1 unit per week based on the needs of the student. The advantage of the program is the student may need to spend time on the golf course with Grover Justice or spend time with Tyrus York using Sam Putt Lab and/or K-Vest.


“The Gold Package”


50 Units of Instruction

  • 6 Dozen Premium Golf Balls
  • 6 Logo Hats
  • 1 Dozen Gloves


“The Silver Package”


30 Units of Instruction



LW Award

2015 Kentucky Section PGA Teacher of the Year