The single most important thing you can do to improve your golf game is to make sure your equipment fits you properly. The best opportunity to be fit is when you are purchasing new golf clubs. However, you can also have your current clubs analyzed to see if they are the proper fit. Not only can we order your new clubs, we can also adjust your current clubs on the spot!!

At the High Performance Golf Academy, we are using the latest in fitting technology to make sure our students have what they need to play to their potential. With the use of Trackman technology we can see your swing in ways unseen by the naked eye or even high speed video.
Call Larry, Tyrus, or Grover to schedule your fitting today!!

Are your grips getting slick and worn down? Do you need a new shaft in one of your clubs?

We offer a full service club repair department to take care of any equipment issues that may arise. Stop by our facility or call Tyrus York, PGA at 859-274-6558 with any club repair issues you may have.

Club Repair Services

• Length and lie adjustment
• Re-shafting
• Re-gripping
• Swing Weight Adjustment






Grips (Price is per grip and includes installation)

Golf Pride

  • Tour Velvet – $7
  • Tour Wrap 2G – $7
  • New Decade Multi-Coumpound – $13


  • Crossline – $7
  • Crossline Cord – $11
  • X10 – $6


  • Excel – $8
  • DriTac – $9

Putter Grips

  • Iomic OPUS – $23
  • Tiger Shark Super Jumbo Lite – $18
  • Super Stroke Slim Lite – $28
  • Golf Pride Tour Tradition – $10
  • Winn Excel Pistol – $10
  • Lamkin Crossline Paddle – $7

*Visit for a complete list of grip options. All grips are $3 plus the cost of the grip.

Re-shafting (price does not include cost of the grip)

  • Value Steel Shaft – $20
  • Dynamic Gold – $25
  • Value Graphite Shaft – $25

*For a complete list of shaft options visit  All shafts are $10 plus the cost of the shaft.

Other Services

  • Shaft Extension – $5
  • Shaft Shortening – $3
  • Reset Loose Shaft – $10
  • Switch Graphite Shafts – $20
  • Switch Steel Shafts – $12
  • Loft/Lie Adjustment – $5 per club or $35 for set of 8 clubs